Welcome to the PS 19 science page!  On this page you will find an overview of the science curriculum, Mr. Walsh's science videos, online science quizzes and NYS Science tests.



  • Trees through the Seasons 

  • Exploring Properties 

  • Animals 

1st Grade

  • Animal Diversity

  • Properties of Matter

  • Weather & Seasons 

2nd Grade

  • Earth Materials 

  • Forces & Motion 

  • Plant Diversity 

3rd Grade

  • Matter 

  • Energy 

  • Simple Machines 

  • Plant & Animal Adaptations 

4th Grade

  • Animals & Plants in Their Environment 

  • Electricity & Magnetism 

  • Properties of Water 

  • Interactions of Air, Water, and Land 

5th Grade

  • The Nature of Science 

  • Earth Science 

  • Food & Nutrition 

  • Exploring Ecosystem 

Mr. Walsh's Science Songs

This is a collection of science songs by Mr. Walsh. PS 19 students are free to listen to them on this web page, to help reinforce what we're learning in science class or just for fun. The songs may not be reproduced or distributed, and access is granted only to Mr. Walsh's students. Click here to visit the Science Songs page.


General Review #1

General Review #3

Predators and Prey

Parts of an Ecosystem

Using the Balance (Quick)

Spooky Science Lab

General Review #2

General Review #4

The Matter Song

Using the Balance

Seasonal Adaptations

Linear Measurements Drill

Linear Measurements (Silly Level 2)

Rube Goldberg 2018

Adventure Man

Rube Goldberg 2017

Rube Goldberg 2016

Rube Goldberg 2015

Rube Goldberg 2014

Example of a Level 4 Topo Map and Brochure


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