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Welcome to the PS 19 science page!  

Scroll down to see Mr. Walsh's science songs and videos, practice science quizzes, and links to archived NYS 4th grade science tests!

Mr. Walsh's Science Songs

Link to Mr. Walsh's Super Solid Science Songs

PS 19 students are free to listen to them on this web page, to help reinforce what we're learning in science class or just for fun. The songs may not be reproduced or distributed, and access is granted only to Mr. Walsh's students. Visit the Science Songs page!

Mr. Walsh's Google Classroom

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Mr. Walsh's Science Videos

 Seasonal Adaptations Song

The Matter Song

Adaptations Song

The Metric Song

Temperate Forest Trees Song

The Rock Cycle Blues

It's Called The Water Cycle

AIS - Ecosystems (Lower Grades)

AIS - Ecosystems (Upper Grades)

AIS - Simple Machines

AIS - Properties

AIS - Food Chains

AIS - Light

AIS - Structures:  The Eye


Producers and Consumers

How I Make My Science Videos

Parts of an Ecosystem

Predators and Prey

Using The Balance (Full)  

Linear Measurements Drill

Using the Balance (Quick)

Linear Measurements Drill (Silly Level 2)

General Review - Part 1

General Review - Part 2

Spooky Science Lab

Rube Goldgerg 2019

Rube Goldberg 2018

Rube Goldberg 2017

Rube Goldberg 2016

Rube Goldberg 2015

Rube Goldberg 2014

This video is no longer needed. Keeping it here anyway because the kids find it funny!

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