We would like to welcome you to P.S. 19’s Pre-Kindergarten Program. It is our philosophy that early childhood should be a warm, secured and nurturing environment. It is a time for young children to explore, be creative and enjoy their learning environment. Pre-Kindergarten is the foundation of learning. It is the most important step towards your child’s educational career.


Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole. The children will work in various stations on a daily basis that will help develop these skills.


We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to us at any time. Thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.


  • Unit 1: Welcome to Pre-K

  • Unit 2: My Five Senses

  • Unit 3: All About Us  

  • Unit 4: Where We Live

  • Unit 5: Transportation

  • Unit 6: Light

  • Unit 7: Water

  • Unit 8: Plants

  • Unit 9: Babies

  • Unit 10: Transformation


185 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003