Welcome to P.S. 19’s Fourth Grade!

Fourth Grade Curriculum



  • The Boy Who Drew Birds

  • The Tarantula Scientist


Comparing Points of View / Understanding different Cultures

  • Island of the Blue Dolphins

  • Esperanza Rising

Writing a Legend/ Traditions and Cultures

  • Northwest Coast People

  • Hiawatha and Pecos Bill (and other legends)

Compare and Contrast Texts

  • Earthquakes and The Monster Beneath the Sea

  • Anatomy of a Volcanic Eruption and Escape From Pompeii

Innovative Solution Short Story

  • Lunch Money and Coyote School News

  • Innovation Project Proposal, Stock Market and Using Money


  • Biographical Writing

  • Paragraph Writing

  • Persuasive Essay

  • Legends

  • Compare and Contrast Essays

  • Personal Essays

  • Poetry


  • Place value

  • Numbers and operations in base 10

  • Operations and algebraic thinking 

  • Numbers and Operations in Base 10

  • Measurement and Data – Area and Perimeter

  • Measurement in Line Plots

  • Number and Operations in Fractions – Equivalent Fractions and Comparing Fractions

  • Measurement and Data: Measuring Angles, Using a Protractor 

  • Number and Operations in Fractions – Adding and Subtraction, Multiplying and Dividing

  • Measurement Word Problems

  • Number and Operations Comparing Decimals

  • Decimals and Percents